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Preschool Printables for Valentine’s Day

I love to celebrate holidays with my students, and Valentine’s Day stands out as one of my favorites.  As an adult, you either love Valentine’s Day, or you hate it, but little one’s haven’t yet developed a reason to hate it.  I love that I get to encourage my students to share their love with everyone, and they’re happy to do so!

Over the years I’ve collected a ridiculous amount of Valentine’s Day activities, but my favorites are the one’s that I’ve put together for my students.  Each year I’ve tweaked them just a bit and I am so proud of the collection that I’ve put together, so I had to share them with you!

Follow the links to download the printables.

Broken Heart Letter Match – What a fun way for preschoolers to practice letter recognition! Children match the capital and lowercase letter to make a whole heart.

Valentine’s Day Alphabet Book – A cute book with a Valentine themed word for each letter of the alphabet. This is perfect for practicing beginning sounds and letter recognition.

Love Language Matching – Children match the word “love” in different languages.  This activity is multicultural, and also encourages children to focus on the letters that make up different words.

Valentine’s Day Numbers – These numbers can be used in so many different ways.  Each number has the corresponding number of hearts on the numeral, which can be used to help children recognize the numeral and practice one-to-one correspondence.  The set also includes Valentine ten frames, all of the ten frames correspond with the numerals, so the colors of the hearts on the 5 ten frame match the color of the number 5. The ten frames can be used independently, or matched to the numerals.  All of the details considered when creating this set were designed to make sure that children at all ability levels could use the set successfully.

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Cards – Cute vocabulary cards with Valentine’s Day related words (Love, heart, chocolate, kiss, hug, valentine, key, cupcake, candy). Use these vocabulary cards to introduce your students to new words. These are perfect for writing centers and activities. 
This set also includes a set of cards that has pictures and spaces for children to practice spelling the vocabulary words with letter tiles. You could also use the second set to have each child write in the words themselves to create their own vocabulary card set. 

Valentine’s Day Counting mats – These are designed to help children practice number recognition, counting, and one-to-one correspondence.  Each mat has a number, and then that many circles inside of the heart.  Children can fill in the circles using colored gems, pom poms, marshmallows, or bingo markers.  I’ve included the numbers 1-20 so if your class is working on 1-10, you can print those, and if you are focusing on the teens, you can print just the numbers that you want.

Sweet Numbers Game – Year after year this has been my students’ favorite Valentine’s day game, probably because it’s played with Hershey Kisses.  Print two game mats, and both sets of colored number stickers.  The numbers fit on the bottom of a Hershey Kiss, then  each colored set gets put into it’s own bowl, and the children take turns choosing a Kiss and matching the number on the candy to the number on their mat until that have filled their entire heart. 

Valentine’s Day Stationary – This freebie is perfect for any writing center!

All of these activities are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, and if you want all of them, make sure to check out the Valentine Math and Language Activity Bundle

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