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Valentine’s Day cards that Preschoolers can make

I love Valentine’s Day, and I will take any excuse to help my students show their family members how much they care about them.  I think that Valentine’s Day is a a great way to practice sharing feelings and emotions, and I always make sure to have card making supplies available before the big day.

My students make a ton of cards, they are nothing if not prolific! I thought I would round up some easy ideas that anyone could try, because a little inspiration is always a good thing.  Having a few ideas also helps to narrow down the supply list!

How easy are these? From I Can Teach My Child
Kids could definitely do this! From Apple Crate
A great fine motor idea! From
More buttons! From
Stock up on pre-cut hearts and let the kids draw a trunk! From Sugar Bucket inc.
A cute thumbprint idea! From Fun Handprint Art Blog
All of these can be made with simple supplies that you probably already have at school.  Hopefully these ideas will inspire your students to share their love!

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