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An Easy Letter Activity for Preschool

I got to sub in a preschool classroom last week and the students were using my very first blog freebie.  It’s still a great little freebie, bit it really needed an update – so I gave it one, and you can download the new version here!

These are perfect for all kinds of letter recognition activities. I like to use them with letter pasta and have the children place the correct letter noodle in the box below the letter. I’ve also seen them used with letter beads, foam letters, and letter stamps.  Older children can also write the letter in the box for extra writing practice.

Great activities for preschoolers don’t have to be complicated, the best thing about this one is that it is hands-on, giving children to touch and interact with letters, and it can be used multiple times with different manipulatives, encouraging children to grow each time they attempt it.

Go download this updated version and use it with your preschoolers!

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