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Snack ideas on the go

This is the time of year when we all seem to be extra busy, there is always somewhere to go and something that needs done.  One way to keep little ones happy through all of this is to make sure they aren’t hungry.  I’ve collected a ton of snack ideas that are portable and sure to keep kids happy.  These are perfect for trips to the park, before practice, field trips, and club meetings.

Make your own fruit leather from PopSugar
You can make snack mix out of just about anything, Frosting and a Smile has a recipe for easy Smore snack mix
Everyone loves a granola bar, make your own with this recipe from Two Peas and their Pod
Have you ever tried apple chips? Learn how at Sally’s Baking Addiction. You can do this with bananas too!
If making your own snacks isn’t really your thing, then try some of these easy ideas; 
Fill an empty wipes container with prepackaged snacks to leave in the car, that way you’ll always have some on hand. Idea from 247 Moms
Create a snack drawer for your refrigerator, then it will be easy to grab them and go. Idea from Little Penelope Lane
Have you seen these snack boxes? They’re all over Pinterest (but this one happens to be from Babble). There are hundreds of different things that you could put in one of these, here are some ideas for you; 
small cookies
mini ritz crackers
chocolate chips
fruit snacks
yogurt bites
puppy chow
chex mix
sunflower seeds
animal crackers
teddy grahams
Hopefully this list will help you keep your students and your own children happy this spring! 

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