• camping snacks

    Camping Recipes for the Classroom

    It can be intimidating to think about camping-themed snacks for the classroom, because so many of those traditional favorites require a campfire. Some programs might embrace that, but my experience has always been that this wouldn’t even be a possibility due to licensing regulations (nor would I want to be the one supervising so many children in a potentially unsafe situation). So here are a ton of really great camping snack ideas that offer many of the same flavors, without the fire aspect!

  • healthy valentine snack for school

    Healthy Valentine Snack for School

    I signed up to bring a healthy snack for my daughter’s classroom Valentine Party, and knowing how class parties go I had a few requirements in mind. Here’s the healthy Valentine snack for school that I ended up with! First, I wanted to make sure that this was something easy to transport since my kindergartener will have to carry it into the building herself. Second, it needed to be prepackaged so that no one has to worry about allergy concerns and ingredients. Finally, it should be something that doesn’t make a mess or require her teacher to do anything other than pass it out. With those conditions in mind, I…

  • Friday Freebie – Pumpkin Spice Sugar

    I have a bit of an unconventional freebie for you today.  I found a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Sugar on The Cottage Market, and it comes with these really cute printable labels. How fun would it be to mix up a batch of Pumpkin Spice Sugar and some Cinnamon Sugar to jazz up some toast for snack time.  Then you could send little containers of each home with your students so that they could share with their families! Go check out the recipe and the labels and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Healthy Halloween Treats

    Halloween is all about the candy and sweets – I love these as much as the next person, and I’m known for my Halloween sugar cookies – but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  Here are some healthy Halloween treats that are just as fun as the sweet ones! Ghostly String Cheese Mummy Applesauce Pretzel Broomsticks Clementine Pumpkins Cheese Cut Outs What are your favorite healthy holiday treats?

  • Easter Snack – Bunny Trail Mix

    Even  if you aren’t planning an Easter party, it’s always fun to add a little excitement to your day with a special snack.  I love to make snack mix with preschoolers for a couple of reasons: None of the ingredients have to be measured or cooked, just dump it all in a great big bowl and stir it up! It is really easy for families to help bring in supplies because they only have to get a bag of this or a box of that.  You aren’t asking for a ton of stuff and they don’t have to sort or seperate any of it.   The other really great thing…

  • Easy Halloween Snacks

    Whether you’re looking for an easy treat for your class party or something to appeal to your own children, here are some fun ideas that are super simple crowd pleasers! Candy Corn Jello from Cincy Shopper Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups from Sprinkle Some Fun Ghost Milkshakes from Martha Stewart Peep Ghost Donuts from Pizzazzeri I’m ready for one of those ghost milkshakes right now! What are your favorite Halloween treats?

  • Quick and easy summer snacks

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a snack post, my go to snack during the summer are definitely a lot different than during other times of the year.  My favorites are lite, quick and easy.  This is the perfect time of year to introduce children to fresh produce, and you can play around with fun things like popsicles, that don’t take a lot of effort but always get great reviews. Here are some fun ideas for lite easy summer snacks that children will love as much as you do! Fruit Kabobs Frozen Banana Chocolate Chip Bites Strawberry Granola Yogurt Bark Chocolate Covered Banana Pops Fruit Salsa Cake Batter Popsicles…

  • Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

    Cupcakes and cookies are wonderful things ( I love them more than I should) but nine times out of ten, young children will choose healthier snacks if given the option.  Doesn’t this bow of raspberries look so tempting?! This would be an incredibly easy Valentine’s day treat, and I guarantee that by the end of a preschool party, there might still be cupcakes on the tray, but all of these raspberries would be gone.  Children have surprising appetites, and many of them choose healthier options more willingly than adults do! Here are some other healthy treat ideas that children, parents and teachers will thank you for bringing to the party:…

  • Snack ideas on the go

    This is the time of year when we all seem to be extra busy, there is always somewhere to go and something that needs done.  One way to keep little ones happy through all of this is to make sure they aren’t hungry.  I’ve collected a ton of snack ideas that are portable and sure to keep kids happy.  These are perfect for trips to the park, before practice, field trips, and club meetings. Make your own fruit leather from PopSugar You can make snack mix out of just about anything, Frosting and a Smile has a recipe for easy Smore snack mix Everyone loves a granola bar, make your…