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Yoga for the Preschool Classroom

These last couple of weeks have been difficult for my students because it finally got warm enough to go outside, and then it got cold again.  That little glimmer of hope, hope that spring might really be close, makes it even more difficult to stay inside all day.  Luckily, I’ve found a great yoga program that my students love!

Yoga is the perfect solution to this particular problem because it gets my students moving and uses some of their energy, without getting them all hyped up.  Our favorite yoga program is Cosmic Kids Yoga.  Jamie from Cosmic Kids takes children on yoga adventures, introducing poses throughout the journey.

My preschoolers think these adventures are awesome, and they are more than willing to participate in the 20 minute yoga adventures.  We’ve only done a couple of the sessions, so for right now I’m encouraging them to follow along the best that they can. As we do more I’ll encourage better posture, Cosmic Kids also offers “Posture of the Week” so we can watch those together to make sure that we are doing each one correctly.

The best thing about Cosmic Kids Yoga is that it is a free You Tube channel.  We use my iPad to watch the videos in small groups, but you could use your computer, Smart TV, or any technology that you have available.

Check out Cosmic Kids, and while you’re at it take a look at some of the other You Tube channels that we love:
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