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Collecting and Analyzing Data in Preschool

It’s Wednesday, and here at Preschool Ponderings, that means time to focus on the standards.  Every Wednesday I choose an Early Learning Standard and share a number of activities that can be aligned with that particular standard.  Remember, the Standards that I use every day, and am most comfortable with are Ohio’s Early Learning Development Standards – you can review them here, however I’ve found that even if your State’s standards differ, many of these activities can still be aligned similarly. I’ve rounded up some great ideas today!

Domain: Mathematics
Strand: Measurement and Data
Topic: Data Analysis

This standard sounds like it could be difficult for preschoolers to comprehend, and it does require a higher level of thinking, but there are a lot of great activities that preschoolers can do that require them to collect and use data.  Graphing, class surveys, and glyphs are all fun ways for little ones to explore data collection and analysis, here are some more specific ideas; 

Make a family glyph – get the instructions from Stephanie Kiriakopoulos

Have a taste test and then graph the data – idea from Chipman’s Corner Preschool
Use each student’s picture to represent their choice when making a class graph – idea from Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits
Figure out how many letters are in everyone’s names (a math AND language activity!) from Growing Kinders. I’ve also seen this done with caterpillars for spring. 
Who is the tallest student in your class? Who is the shortest? This is a great visual idea from Going Back to Kinder
The variations for each of these activities is endless, I’d love to see how you use these ideas in your classroom!

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