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Preschool Activities to practice shape identification

It’s Wednesday, and here at Preschool Ponderings, that means time to focus on the standards.  Every Wednesday I choose an Early Learning Standard and share a number of activities that can be aligned with that particular standard.  Remember, the Standards that I use every day, and am most comfortable with are Ohio’s Early Learning Development Standards – you can review them here, however I’ve found that even if your State’s standards differ, many of these activities can still be aligned similarly. I’ve rounded up some great ideas today!

Domain: Mathematics
Strand: Geometry
Topic: Identify and Describe Shapes

This standard is about exactly what you would think – teaching children to recognize and name different shapes.  This also includes introducing three dimensional shapes (in non-formal terms), and helping children recognize the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. Here are some great activities that meet this standard;

Explore the shapes of food
Another great idea for learning shapes is to create a small shape book for each child, and then use these throughout the day – go for scavenger hunts or match the pictures to objects in the classroom. Hopefully I’ve included some ideas that are new and different, and will be helpful for your students!

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