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What’s in my bag?

Yesterday I shared my favorite teacher bags, today I thought I’d give you a peek inside my school bag. I always find a few random things in there, it’s kind of a bottomless pit. Here’s a picture;

Right now my bag holds

  • My water bottle
  • My iPad
  • The latest issue of the Young Child
  • Two empty zipper pouches 
  • My planner
  • A picture that one of my students drew for me
  • A picture that I drew 
  • An umbrella
  • My school keys
  • An old Michaels gift card
  • A crumpled receipt
My bag only gets cleaned out when I switch to a new one. I’ve been using this one since before Christmas, which might be a record – maybe I need to revisit my list of great bags, I might be in the market for a new one…
I’d love to know what random things are in your school bag, share them in the comments!

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