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Ideas for exploring fireworks

When you say 4th of July, the first thing most people think of is fireworks. Watching fireworks is definitely the most memorable part of the entire holiday, and though children aren’t able to touch them, they are certainly able to experience them.

Fireworks can also be a little scary – especially if children are close enough to hear the loud booms and feel the ground shake beneath them.  This is why it is a great idea to explore fireworks with children before the 4th so that they have an idea of what to expect.

Here are ten ideas for exploring fireworks with little ones;

  1. Watch videos of fireworks that include the sound.  This You Tube version is a great example.
  2. Make a Fireworks t-shirt the kids can wear when they watch fireworks.
  3. Do some fireworks crafts so children can explore the shapes that fireworks make.
  4. Make your own fireworks show with these DIY Fireworks Flashlights.
  5. Practice wearing Ear Plugs or Noise Reduction Headphones, see what kinds of noises children can hear with them on.
  6. Collect supplies for simple games that children can play while waiting for fireworks to start.
  7. Make Marshmallow Sparklers or Pretzel Sparklers – great snacks to take along, and much safer than the real thing!
  8. Tie dye a sheet using this technique to make a cute, easy blanket to watch fireworks on.
  9. Print photos of different types of fireworks and talk about what types and colors are your favorite.
  10. For another point of view, check out this Discovery video of a slow motion fireworks explosion.
These are all great ideas for exploring fireworks, and preparing children to experience them.  Have a great holiday and enjoy the fireworks!

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