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  • Preschool Patriotic Activities

    Memorial Day for Preschoolers

    I have an whole collection of Memorial Day resources that I wanted to share as we head into this long holiday weekend. Hopefully these will make your planning for the next week a little easier! Memorial Day Pinwheels Children’s Books for Memorial Day Patriotic Resource Round Up Patriotic Ribbon Wands Teaching Patriotism Connecting Your Class with Service Members Have a wonderful weekend!

  • 4th of july preschool

    All Things 4th of July!

    The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, which is likely because of how close it is to my birthday. I love to go all in when it comes to red white and blue – and this includes in the classroom. I can’t believe that we’ve already made it to this point of the summer! Last week I shared a ton of patriotic resources, but If you’re planning for this week and next week here are ALL of the 4th of July posts that I’ve every written (you know, for inspiration): Children’s Books for the 4th of July 4th of July Bingo 4th of July Fruit…

  • 4th of July lesson plans

    Patriotic Resource Round Up

    Summer might’ve just started, but I’m thinking 4th of July lesson plans already! I’ve added a ton of patriotic materials to my TPT store over the last couple of weeks so it felt like a good time to share all of these so that you can start planning for the holiday. Patriotic 4th of July Alphabet Book for Preschool and Kindergarten – This book is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July while encouraging literacy. Each letter corresponds with an American themed vocabulary word which will help children practice letter sounds. Print one for each child, or a few for a center. You could also have children create…

  • Preschool president's day

    President’s Day with Preschoolers

    President’s day can pose a challenge for preschool teachers because so many of the concepts that we connect with commemorating this day are extremely abstract for young children. They don’t understand history, what it means to live in a certain country, or the job of a president. In many cases, not only are these concepts difficult for children to grasp, they also aren’t relevant to their day to day experiences. There are still some great ways to acknowledge President’s day and help children make connections that increase their understanding – here are my favorite President’s day lessons. I’ve created a couple of vocabulary sets that help children have the words…

  • Fun Ideas for Star Marshmallows

    I cannot resist holiday-themed treats, I always buy them, use a few for the holiday, and then find them in my cupboard 3 months later.  One thing that I purchase without fail (knowing full well that I will never use) are holiday shaped marshmallows. So this year I thought I would share some fun ideas for using them up, even after the holiday, in the hopes that this list will inspire me to use them up! If you missed out on the 4th of July Marshmallow fun you can probably still find them in the grocery store – maybe even on clearance! So what exactly could you do with these…

  • Happy 4th!

    Image Source Happy 4th of July! I hope that you are all taking time to enjoy your families and celebrate freedom and summer today!I’m looking forward to spending time outside and lots of barbecue.  My family also has a tradition of making homemade ice cream for the 4th and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that! Enjoy your holiday and your celebrations!

  • Friday Freebie – 4th of July Bingo

    Happy Friday! For many of you this is the start of a long Holiday weekend and I hope that you enjoy every minute! Today’s freebie is an adorable printable 4th of July Bingo game from Crazy Little Projects.I especially love the variety of images included on this Bingo board, it would be a great way to introduce some new vocabulary and historical figures as you play.  Go download your copy and have a wonderful weekend!

  • 4th of July Fruit Salad

    I love to make fruit salad with little ones for a couple of different reasons.  First, and most obvious being that it gets them really excited about eating fruit – they get to help every step of the way and that ownership gives them the confidence to try things that they otherwise may not.  The second wonderful thing about fruit salad is that it is relatively easy to put together, you may need to cut up some of the ingredients, but other than that it is just pouring and mixing.  There is no cooking involved at all. This fruit salad is perfect for a patriotic summer event. It uses red…

  • Patriotic Ribbon Wands

    For Memorial Day I shared a tutorial for paper pinwheels that would be perfect for a parade or party decorations, so today I wanted to share another fun party toy that is easy for kids to make: Ribbon Wands. I know that this is not a new or novel idea in the slightest, but young children often love he simplest things and there are so many different variations and materials that you can use to create a basic ribbon wand.  It is easy for children to personalize their own, and you can select materials that meet your budget constraints as well as the theme or tone of your party. For…

  • 4th of July Play Dough

    On Friday I shared a free set of 4th of July Play Dough Mats, so today I wanted to make sure I gave you a play dough recipe to go with it.  I am very picky about my homemade play dough, I don’t like it to be too oily or too salty, and I really don’t like it when it dries your hands out while you play with it.  I tried a ton of different recipes before finally finding my favorite, which is from Kristalynn.com  (follow the link to see the entire recipe).  You can make it any colors that you want, and it’s the perfect base for adding fun extras.…