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Fun Ideas for Star Marshmallows

I cannot resist holiday-themed treats, I always buy them, use a few for the holiday, and then find them in my cupboard 3 months later.  One thing that I purchase without fail (knowing full well that I will never use) are holiday shaped marshmallows. So this year I thought I would share some fun ideas for using them up, even after the holiday, in the hopes that this list will inspire me to use them up!

If you missed out on the 4th of July Marshmallow fun you can probably still find them in the grocery store – maybe even on clearance!

So what exactly could you do with these fun little things? Here’s a list:

  • Use them as ice cream sundae toppings
  • Slide them onto skewers with strawberries and blueberries
  • Make necklaces by stringing them on plastic lanyard string
  • Layer them on top of brownie batter before baking
  • Add them to your chocolate chip cookies
  • Make a snack mix and toss these in
  • Throw them in with your popcorn
  • Use them to make rice crispy treats
  • Dip them in chocolate
Now I can’t wait to use these up – we’ll be eating marshmallows for days!

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