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Sharing Positive Messages with Families

Kids do great things during the day - they share, they tell funny stories, they help without being asked, they melt our hearts with their sweet comments. In an effort to share these great moment with parents I created Happy Notes, which you can download for free!

I really need to be better about sharing great stories with parents, so the idea behind Happy Notes is that you can write down something great right when it happens, then share the note with the child, and they can take it home and share it with mom and dad. 

These are a great way to reinforce positive behavior, and a perfect way to let parents in on all of the really wonderful things that happen in the classroom. In an effort to make sure that I am catching great stories for every child I also added a tracker, so I can mark who has received a happy note, and who I really need to watch to make sure I catch something positive.

I've always found that when you really make an effort to focus on the positive,the negative behaviors seem to diminish. They won't go away entirely, but your perception of them will probably change because you are spending more of your time and energy on positive behaviors.

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