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Preschool lesson plan webs

I use webs ALL OF THE TIME. ¬†Seriously, I’m a very visual person so it always helps when I can organize my ideas on a piece of paper. Once I can see it all in writing it seems to make more sense, and I am more likely to remember my ideas and thoughts.

There are so many different ways to use brainstorming webs in the classroom;

  • planning for themes or projects
  • brainstorming activities that meet early learning standards
  • planning for IEP or IFSP goals for specific children
  • organizing ideas for classroom centers
  • brainstorming ideas for special events and family activities
The best thing about a web is that it can be revisited over and over again, you can add sections and ideas, and use it as a record of the things that you’ve already explored or accomplished.
I tend to spend a little too much time making my webs look “pretty.” Because I use them so often, I want them to look nice! So I put together a colorful, printable web that I can print and use any time. ¬†Download your copy here and start planning! If webs aren’t your thing, then make sure to check out some of the more traditional templates that I have available for lesson planning. Did I mention that you can download these for FREE?!

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