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Spice Air Freshener Craft

This activity is a great way to explore spices and a cute keepsake for families to use throughout the holiday season (plus, it’s REALLY easy to make).  You’ll need canning jar lids (not the rings, just the lids), some ribbon, white glue, and spices (Invest in a bulk jar, any pie-related scent will work – cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin or apple pie spice), paintbrushes, and something to catch the spices as the children sprinkle them on their lids (I used paper towels, but you could use waxed paper, printer paper, or activity trays).

The first step is one that you’ll want to do outside of the classroom – attach a small piece of ribbon to the back of the jar lid with a hot glue gun.

When the children are ready to begin place a large amount of white glue in the middle of the jar lid (on the silver side), and show the children how to use their paint brush to spread the glue to the edge of the lid.  Then they can sprinkle as much of the spices on top of the glue as they want.

Put the air fresheners off to the side to dry.  Make sure the glue has dried completely before tapping off the excess spices.  Send the dry air fresheners home for families to enjoy!

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