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Melted Crayon Activities

Melting crayons is pretty trendy right now, and while it can be a little messy for the classroom, there are still some really amazing activities that you can do with melted crayons.  PLUS, these activities are a great way to explore liquids, solids, color mixing, and temperature concepts.  Here are some perfect ideas for melted crayon activities;

Make your own crayons! Children are always more likely to use something that they made themselves, and it’s a well known fact that no child wants to use a broken crayon.  Melting all of your broken crayons into new crayons is the perfect way to get rid of those broken crayons and create something that the children will be excited about.  Another benefit – unwrapping all of those broken crayons is a great fine motor activity!
I know that Easter isn’t for a couple of months, but this activity is perfect for melted crayons because the crayons melt from the heat of the hard boiled egg.  There is no danger of crayon-related burns, and the eggs turn out beautifully!
I remember making these when I was little.  This project is ideal because little ones can be part of the entire process, from shaving the crayons to choosing where the want to place their shavings.  The teach can handle the iron, to minimize any risk, and then the final product can be cut into all kinds of shapes depending on the theme you’re currently working on.  
Sun Melted Crayons
If you want to do melted crayon art but you’d rather not introduce a heat source into the classroom then turn your art project into a science experiment.  See how long it will take to soften the crayons in the sun, and then draw on something smooth like a cookie sheet or a ceramic plate.  
Do you have any other melted crayon ideas that are safe and appropriate for preschoolers? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

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