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Great big list of things to paint on

If you’re looking for a way to spark your students’ interest in painting, consider giving them something a little unusual to paint on.  This is a great way to learn about new materials; children can explore absorption, experiment with using different amounts of water, and see how different brushes work on different backgrounds.  Painting on a specific kind of material can also encourage children to explore the texture and detail of the material because the paint will intensify these details.

Here is a great big list of things that you can paint on:

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Waxed paper
  3. Saran wrap
  4. Press and Seal wrap
  5. Bubble wrap
  6. Canvas
  7. Velvet
  8. Leather
  9. Flannel
  10. Denim
  11. Terrycloth
  12. Burlap
  13. Paper towels
  14. Coffee filters
  15. Tissue paper
  16. Kleenex
  17. Gift wrap
  18. Ribbon
  19. Plastic grocery bags
  20. Paper grocery bags
  21. Tree bark
  22. Leaves
  23. Twigs or branches
  24. Natural woven place mats
  25. Glass or ceramic plates
  26. Paper plates
  27. Sandpaper
  28. Wood scraps
  29. Tree stumps
  30. Pine cones
  31. Seed pods
  32. Ornamental grasses
  33. Rocks
  34. Landscaping pavers
  35. Bricks
  36. The sidewalk
  37. Pillow cases
  38. Old sheets
  39. Flower pots
  40. Mirrors
  41. Old windows
  42. Window screens
  43. Book pages
  44. Newspaper
  45. Magazine pages
  46. Advertisements
  47. Old CDs
  48. Cork board
  49. Styrofoam
  50. Dried pasta
What are some others things that you’ve painted on? Tell me about them in the comments and then follow my Preschool Art pin board for more great ideas!

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