Favorite pins of the week

I pin a lot of stuff.  If you’ve seen my pin boards you know that they are organized by domain and season (among other things…).  I use my pins to help me lesson plan, so I need them to be easy to find when I’m looking for them.  I appreciate that wen I need social emotional activities I can go to the social emotional board and be filled with inspiration.  At the same time, I also like to look at all of my pins at once and see what I’ve pinned recently.

Here are my favorite ideas that I’ve pinned this week, I can’t wait to try these out!

How fun is this shape book?! I would love to make one for each child and then go on a walk with them to see how many we could find.  

This art journal is perfect for those kiddos that draw on page after page after page.  

These chalk blocks are a super easy DIY that could add so much creativity to the block area!

I feel like I rarely come across a new art technique, so this wax paper resist caught my eye.
This paper airplane target is such a fun way to practice hand-eye coordination.
There are five new ideas for you, what have you pinned this week?

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