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Great app to share with families

I am a self-proclaimed family engagement queen, I tend to collect ideas and resources for sharing with families and not have enough opportunities to share all of them! This one must be shared with all of you because it is amazing!!!

Go check out Vroom – do it right now! This site is all about building parents up and reminding them that they have what it takes to help their child’s brain grow and develop.  From the videos and information on the site itself, to the great materials that families can download, to the free app that gives them daily activities personalized for their child’s age, this site is an incredible resource for parents and families.

If you still aren’t convinced, watch this video (at the bottom of the page), it’ll have you in tears, but they will be so worth it! It will also give you a new perspective on the power of creating partnerships with parents and working together as a team!

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