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Dollar Tree math materials

This week I’m on a mission to share some fun math activities that your kiddos will love – the best part is that all of the materials you will to put them together are from the Dollar Tree.  I went to my local Dollar Tree store and I spent $11.  That $11 bought materials for 15 different math activities that are perfect for preschoolers.  I’ll share one set of materials each day, and show you different games that you can use them for.

Here are the items that I purchased:

Today I want to show you what I did with these fun facial scrubbers – They come in really bright colors and they’re terry cloth on one side and mesh on the other.

Since they’re available in four different colors, I immediately thought that they would be perfect for patterning.  You could use them to create two-color, three-color, or four-color patterns.  If you purchased more than one pack of each color you could also use them to create different types of patterns (abab, abbabb, abcabc, etc.)

The great thing about these is that the children could spread them out across the floor, or they could stack their patterns. They could see how far their patterns would stretch, or how many scrubbers they could stack.

In addition to patterning, these are perfect for sorting by color. How else could you use these facial scrubbers in your math center?! Check back tomorrow for some more great (and cheap!) math ideas!

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