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Full disclosure: This post has nothing to do with preschool.  We all need a break sometimes, and my little breaks often come in the form of craft projects. I wanted to share my current projects to give you a little peek into what i’m up to, but they’re all at different stages of completion, so I’ll just share some tidbits and I”ll share updates when they’re finished.

This photo is from @targetteachers you HAVE to follow them on Instagram!)
I finally scored a set of these wooden pencils from the Dollar Spot at Target, and I have a fun project in mind for them, I can’t wait to share it with you because it is going to be a perfect teacher appreciation idea!
My friends just bought a used swing set for their daughter, it’s pretty similar to the one in this photo, but the awning over the middle part is ripped. So being they DIY girl that I am, I offered to make a new one. Shopping for fabric is one of my all time favorite things to do, and I love outdoor projects but I don’t usually get to do a lot of them, so this one has me super excited!
This photo is from Enticing Icing
I haven’t had time to make sugar cookies since Christmas so I am pumped to whip up a batch for the Fourth of July.  These are currently my inspirations, so we’ll see what I come up with!
I’m hoping that I can find time throughout the week to work on each of these, but if I don’t then you can bet this is what I’ll be doing over my holiday weekend!

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