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Reggio Classroom Decor

My favorite thing about back to school is drooling over all of the amazing classroom decor that I see in all of the best teacher blogs.  This fun stuff doesn’t really fit in my Reggio-inspired room, which is probably a good thing because I would spend way too much money on all of it! But that doesn’t mean that a Reggio classroom has to be boring – far from it in fact.  

I have a ton of great tips for decorating a Reggio-inspired classroom; 
1, Have the children help you create artwork for the room.  These masterpieces can be incredibly artistic and meaningful at the same time.  The act of working together to create something for the classroom builds pride and community.  Check out my Preschool Art pin board for some great projects that the entire classroom can work on together.
2. Use nature! Natural elements play a huge role in the Reggio philosophy, and they can be incredibly beautiful.  They also add interest to the classroom.  Have you ever considered hanging a tree branch from the ceiling – you should try it! Maybe something a little smaller, like this leaf garland (Source) is more your speed, why not include it?!
3. Get creative with recycled materials.  We always encourage our students to use materials in new ways, why not try it out yourself.  I’ve made an incredible bunting with recycled paper bags, and this wind chime with canning jar lids.
4. Make your decor useful.  Use colorful ribbon curtains to separate classroom spaces or woven placemats instead of carpet squares.  Check out the beautiful classroom below for ways to make decor intentional (Source). 
5.  Make your artwork interactive.  One way to guarantee engagement is to grab the children’s’ attention with art pieces that can be interactive.  This weaving piece (photo #2)  is something that they could work on all year – and imagine the feeling of accomplishment when it is finally finished!
I’d love to see some of your favorite Reggio-inspired decor pieces, share links to photos and ideas in the comments!

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