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Fall Fashion for Teachers

I’m not a fashion blogger by any means, but I enjoy sharing these posts every now and then.  Autumn is weird in Ohio, for example most of this week it was in the 80’s and then yesterday it was 65 degrees.  It’s hard enough to dress professionally when I know that there is a good chance I’m going to leave work with a new marker or food coloring stain on my clothes, throw in crazy temperature fluctuations and I really just want to stay in my pajamas!

There are a few things articles of clothing that I have been turning to regularly over the last few weeks – these are all comfortable, professional looking, and budget-friendly enough that I know they can be easily replaced if necessary, plus these are all brands that I trust to hold up well!

Cardigans are a life-saver. I can wear one until I get warm, and then lose it for the afternoon, I’m still wearing all of my summer tank tops, I just add a cardigan for the mornings. I love these Boyfriend Cardigans from Target.  They’re longsleeve, lightweight, and easy on my wallet – and they come in 12 different colors. The navy blue is my current favorite.

Colored Denim is my new go-to work pant. Technically they aren’t jeans so I can get away with wearing them to work, but they are just as comfortable as my favorite jeans. I’m looking forward to wearing these LC Lauren Conrad Colored Jeggings all winter long with my favorite boots, but right now I can roll up the bottoms for a cute cropped look that keeps me a little cooler.

Another of my favorites from the LC Lauren Conrad collection is this French Terry Blazer. It feels like a sweatshirt and looks like a million bucks! This one was a little more of a splurge so I’ve been saving it for days when I have events, PD, or meetings so it won’t get ruined.

Sperrys are my favorite shoes for early fall, they are still cute with capris, but they cover more than the sandals I’ve been wearing all summer. I’m pretty sure that I’ve worn them at least four days this week.  When the weather gets cooler I’ll switch to moccasins, and then to boots.

I just got a pair of these Pull On Dress Pants from Kohls. Oh my goodness, they’re dressy yoga pants. They are legitimate dress pants that look great for work but they pull on and are stretchy just like yoga pants. I think they’re the best thing I’ve ever purchased.

I’m also still wearing most of my dresses from this summer, with the addition of a cardigan.  I probably won’t break into my cold weather clothes until November, at least with the way the temperatures have been around here so far!

What are you wearing this fall? I’d love to hear all about your favorite pieces!

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