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Slow Down Fall!

Fall is here! It might still be 90 degrees outside, but if you’ve taken a minute to read a blog, browse pinterest, or visit a store over the weekend, you’ve definitely seen the signs; Halloween decorations, apple recipes, and sweater outfits are out in full force.

This time of year can be especially confusing for little ones – there are simply too many transitions. Back to school, different clothes, new routines, new teachers, then you throw in shorter days, busy weekends, festivals, and holidays. That’s a lot for a little one to deal with!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall (seriously, you should see my personal collection of pumpkin scented candles) but we can really help our students if we ease into it a little bit. I definitely used to be the teacher who spent all of September exploring apples, and all of October investigating pumpkins – there are certainly enough apple and pumpkin themed activities out there to fill two whole months. Right now I’m advocating for chilling just a bit on the fall stuff and really taking this month of September to focus on classroom procedures.

Use this time, when the children are still excited about the new-ness of school, to focus on your routine, build your classroom community, and spend quality time getting to know your little ones. There will be plenty of time for apples and pumpkins (you’ll still have all of October AND November). This time to build relationships and show those children that you value their thoughts, ideas and opinions is priceless!

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