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Books to help you celebrate Christmas

It’s not a preschool holiday without some themed children’s books! Here are some of the best for Christmas – Just a note, I’ve always stuck with stories that stay away from the religious aspects of the holiday because that’s what I feel most comfortable with in the classroom, so that’s what I’ve got to share with you! All links are amazon affiliates.

The Polar Express is a classic for a reason. I remember having this story read to us every year as a child and it’s an endearing tradition that needs to be shared.  The illustrations are magical and the story leaves just enough to a child’s imagination to make the story come to life.  Plus, the Kindle version is free right now!

The Nutcracker is another classic Christmas story, but my favorite thing about this particular version is that it’s a pop-up book.  While I would not leave this out for the children to look at on their own, it is perfect for reading to the entire group. Talk about finding a book that really captures their attention! They will be mesmerized by the pop up art, which only adds to the dreamy, unbelievable story.

Bear is pretty much my all-time favorite, and Bear Stays Up for Christmas is no exception.  It’s a sweet story about friendship and the lengths we will go for those that we care about.  What I love about each and everyone of these books is how they showcase the animals’ differences and celebrate the strong bonds that they’ve forged in spite of those differences.  Perfect Christmas story!

The Stinky Face collection has taken off recently and I’ve been a fan since the very beginning. I love the whimsical illustrations, and I love the “what ifs.” These books are written exactly the way every young child thinks, and the way every parent wishes they could respond in that moment.  Merry Christmas Stinky Face is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

It’s not Christmas without a Jan Brett story and Gingerbread Christmas is the third in this particular set.  The illustrations are amazing (of course) and the story includes the kind of chase scene that we’ve come to expect from Brett’s other Gingerbread stories.  Preschoolers will love this version as much as the original!

I could honestly go on for quite a while with my favorite Christmas books, there never seems to be enough days in December to squeeze them all in, but I want to share some books for other December Holidays too so I’ll stop here for now.  Check back tomorrow for books that are perfect for celebrating Hanukkah.

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