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Easter Math Activities

There are so many Easter-themed activities out there, I’m sure that just a quick Pinterest search would fill your lesson plan for the next two weeks.  Unfortunately, to find the great ideas you generally have to sift through all of the duds, and the ads.  So this week I’m going to do the work for you, I’ll be rounding up all of the best Easter activities so that you’ve got them all in one place!

Math was not my strong suit as a child, so as a teacher I made an extra effort to find fun math activities for my students.  There are a ton of math activities that you can do using Easter materials, especially those plastic eggs, so here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Matching colors with plastic eggs
  • Making patterns with plastic eggs
  • Size sorting different sizes of plastic eggs
  • Write numbers on the outside of your plastic eggs and ask children to count the correct number of jelly beans into each egg
  • Write numbers on one half of a plastic egg and draw that many dots on the other half. Take them all apart and mix them up, then ask the children to put together the matches. 
  • Make patterns with different colored jelly beans
  • Measure items using jelly beans as the unit of measure
  • Weigh different chocolate bunnies; compare weights and discuss differences that may affect the weight
  • See how much Easter grass you can fit in different sized Easter baskets
  • Graph everyone’s favorite Easter candy or favorite colored jelly bean (after a taste test of course!) Then ask parents to add their favorites to your graph
  • Put bunny footprints with numbers on them on the floor and ask the children to hop on them in numerical order
Do you have any other math activities that you like to do with the children at Easter?

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