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Household Tasks that promote Kindergarten Readiness Skills

When parents ask me for things that they can work on with their children at home, I know that they expect me to encourage them to practice number and letter recognition, and writing their names.  So it often comes as a surprise when I encourage them to work on things like responsibility, independence, and self help skills.

These are all important kindergarten readiness skills, and can easily be practiced at home by encouraging children to help with simple tasks, like the following:

  • Making their bed
  • Setting the table
  • Helping pack lunches
  • Cleaning their room
  • Picking out clothes for the next day
  • Dusting
  • Feeding pets
  • Watering plants
  • Putting away clean laundry
  • Sorting dirty laundry
  • Folding towels
Not only will these tasks help children build responsibility and independence, but they also encourage the use of fine motor skills, confidence, and problem solving!
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