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Discussing Opinions with Preschoolers

One of my favorite things about working with preschoolers is that they are just starting to form their own opinions about everything – from what they want to wear to school to how they feel about vegetables.  While this makes for interesting conversations, it can also create some friction between classmates as they learn that others don’t necessarily share their opinions.

I love to use a question of the day, and I strive for questions that require an extended response because I want my students to think about their answer as they practice the language required for this type of answer.  Often, the children get very passionate about their answers.  I always handle these situations in the same way, by reminding the children that everyone gets to have an opinion.  I also let them know that they may not agree with someone else’s opinion, but they do have to respect it.

These little reminders are powerful for preschoolers because it empowers them to be confident in their opinions, while also practicing respect for each other – which is a huge concept for a preschooler to tackle.

How do you handle differing opinions in the classroom? I’d love to hear your strategies!

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