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Random Acts of Kindness for Preschoolers

An overarching theme for preschoolers is empathy.  Whether you’re trying to help them understand that others have feelings, or being touched by sweet moments of caring, empathy is part of every single day.  One really fun way to involve preschoolers in caring about others is to practice random acts of kindness.  Here are some ideas:

  • Make cards for nursing home patients
  • Collect coloring books and crayons for a children’s hospital
  • Bake cookies for police officers or firefighters
  • Write nice messages on sticky notes and leave them all over the school
  • Paint hearts on rocks and drop them when you go on a walk
  • Collect loose change and choose a cause to donate it to
  • Draw pictures for the secretary, custodian, cook, and other support staff
  • Adopt a local park and pick up litter
  • Surprise another classroom with a special snack
  • Write sweet notes for parents
What other things could you do to keep the fun going all year long? It would be awesome to come up with one random act of kindness to do every week! I have some other great social emotional ideas here

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