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Easy gifts for co-workers

It’s always nice to let the people that we spend so much of our time with know how much we appreciate them.  When your budget is tight you have to make a little bit go a long way in this department.  I have a few creative ideas fir gifts that your co-workers, whether they are co-teachers, aides, or support staff, will really love.

  • Share something that you really love.  Is there something that makes your life easier? Something that you find yourself using on a daily basis? Something you’re willing to spend a little extra on because you know it’s worth it? Share this item with your co-workers.  This year all of my closest friends are getting a bottle of my favorite nail polish.  It’s that perfect color that goes on easy, dries quick, and doesn’t really chip and I think that they all need to know about it!
  • Use your talents.  Is there something that you do well that everyone is always commenting on? Chances are they appreciate it because it is not one of their strengths, which means they would probably really appreciate that particular gift.  Do you have beautiful handwriting? make them a plaque for their desk or home.  Do you garden? Gift them one of your plants. Are you crafty? Put together a wreath for their door.  I bake cookies for all of my co-workers each year and they are always a hit. These gifts will be especially meaningful because they are something that only you can offer.
  • Make them lunch.  This is a great way to show appreciation to a group of people without buying a ton of individual gifts.  Pick a day and make your co-workers lunch.  Chili, cornbread and a salad is an easy way to feed a crowd.  Chicken noodle soup and breadsticks are perfect for a winter day.  Put that crock-pot to good use, plug it in when you arrive in the morning and your co-workers will be very happy at lunch time. 
  • Write a thoughtful note.  How often do we really let people know that we appreciate all they have done for us.  A heartfelt note is a gift that many of us don’t receive very often, and it is sure to be a gift that your co-workers hang onto and look at often.  Writing notes like these can feel intimidating – you want it to show your appreciation without being too sappy, so start by sharing a memory that you have of that person, something that sticks in your mind and describes exactly what you appreciate about them.  
There are ways to let all of these people know how much you care without adding too much stress or shopping to your already busy month.  Get creative and you’ll be amazed – you’re gift might be the one they remember for years to come. 

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