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Joy in Everyday – For the Classroom

In Monday’s post I promised to share some ideas to incorporate my Joy in Everyday routine into the classroom.  Well, here they are! When I started putting this together I had a couple of ideas, but as I worked I came up with a few more.  I’m really excited about what I have to share with you!

So check this out – you can find this entire set in my TPT store!

This set includes monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and list sheets so that you and your students can track your everyday joys in whichever way works best for you.

It also has a simple mini book that is designed to help children reflect on what brings them joy so that they are easily able to come up with things that bring them joy every day.  One of my favorite pieces of the set is an interactive bulletin board design that everyone can be a part of – it’s an opportunity for the children, staff, and families to all share what makes them happy.  It’s also a great way to spread happiness!
Another way to spread happiness is with these sweet note cards.  Children can write to their friends or parents, and family members can leave notes for their children.  You could even write notes to your co-workers, or send notes home with students over the weekend. 
Please take a minute to check out all of these Joy in Everyday activities, there are more in-depth descriptions and a great preview!

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