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Routines that increase happiness

I live for routines. They make my life run smoothly and they help me feel like I’ve got everything under control.  Routines help me make sure that I get everything around in the morning and that I stay on top of tasks that need completed regularly.  I’ve found that I can build little things into my routines that go a long way towards making me a happier person. 

One routine that brings me a small bit of joy is to stop at Starbucks before work on Mondays and Fridays.  I have a Starbucks obsession, and I could stop every single day – but that would cost me a small fortune.  I came up with a compromise for myself, I’ll get coffee on Mondays because everyone needs a little help on Monday mornings, and then on Fridays to celebrate that I’ve made it through another week. 

This little routine gives me a great way to start the week and something to look forward to at the end of the week.  Finding ways to build in a little happiness can make your personal life and your classroom more joyful places! Whether it’s show and tell every Friday morning or a class walk around the neighborhood once a week, these routines help keep things from feeling stagnant while building traditions that your whole classroom community can look forward to. 

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