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Family Valentine Station

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for celebrating families because it is all about love.  Focusing on the love between family members is also a great way to make Valentine’s Day relevant for our youngest learners. 

I always spent a lot of time helping my students understand that Valentine’s Day is a special day where we get to make sure the people that we love know how much we love them.  We would make valentine’s for our family members, friends, and the special people in our lives. 

I recently thought of a way to extend this that I wish I would have done when I was in the classroom – Why not create a simple valentine-making station so that family members could also make valentines for the children quickly when they dropped off or picked up their child?

This would be fun for families – especially parents, who may not get as much time to do fun little projects as they would like. It would also be so fun for the children to get a special valentine from a parent.

They key to setting up something like this would be making sure that the items you have available allow family members to create quickly and without much mess.  I would include Pre-cut hearts in different sizes, tons of stickers, colored pens and markers, and glue sticks. 

I created a cute little sign that you can put at your station so that families know what to do (download it here!).  I can just picture a little table of valentine fun in the doorway of the classroom, as a parent I wouldn’t be able to resist it.  You might also include a blurb in your February newsletter about the valentine state so that families know to look for it. 

There is definitely still time to set up something like this before Valentine’s Day – I hope that your families love it!

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