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Community Helpers Preschool Activities

I promised yesterday that I would share my favorite activity centers for exploring community helpers, here they are:

Community Helper Handprint Wreath – A great visual for all of the places in your community that you would find helpers.

Community Helper Occupation Booklet – Explore the tasks of each job and the tools and materials that are associated with it.

Community Helper Hats and Badges Freebie – Perfect for your dramatic play area!

Community Helper Matching – Great for a language center, encourages children to practice letter and word recognition to match the helper to their title.

Community Helper Dances – A little music and movement is always appreciated, and the children love these dance videos!

Community Helper Vocabulary Cards – Introduce new words and practice writing skills with vocabulary cards that are perfect for the writing center.

Community Helper People Printables – Wonderful for pretend play and enhancing the block area!

Community Helper Number and Association Cards – One set of cards to practice counting and number recognition, another set that asks children to pair the occupation with the tools and supplies needed for that job.  These can be put in a math center or used as small group activities.

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