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Strategies for getting excited about work again

I love my job. I tell people this all the time because it really is the truth – but that doesn’t mean that I always want to be at work. There are definitely days when I’m irritated, days when I would love to stay in bed and hibernate, and days when I feel completely unproductive.  This is normal, we all feel this way occasionally, but if you’re like me you can’t always take a vacation just because you want one.  When I’m feeling like I need some new energy, when I really need to re-focus and find that excitement again, there are a couple of strategies that always work for me.

The great thing about working with young children is that everything is new to them, so one way that I like to find my passion again is to ignite their passion. I like to think back to my own childhood, what were my favorite activities at the age that my students are now? I choose one of my favorite things from that time and I share it with my students. It’s easy to forget that the things that seem very common to adults are brand new to little ones.  and even the simplest activities can be absolutely fascinating to preschoolers. 

I also love to plan things, so I can usually get excited about planning a special event, such as a parent night or holiday party.  I think up all of the little details – invitations, signs, activities and anything that will make those activities more meaningful.  I enjoy the planning and the event gives me something to look forward to.

The final strategy that works really well for me is to take on a new project. I like to put my strengths to good use, so I volunteer for tasks that are closely related to those strengths. I really enjoy crafting and being creative in general, so I’m always the first to volunteer when we need a new bulletin board.  There are a ton of things that you could do for your program.  If you’re really techy you might offer to update the program’s website, if you’re musical you might put together a play list for nap time, and if you’re super organized you might spend some time cleaning out supply closets.  These are the kinds of tasks that make you feel valued outside of the classroom and encourage you to use different skills than you use when you’re teaching, which is what makes them so enjoyable. 

If none of those strategies work then I promise myself that I’ll stop for ice cream on the way home – that one is always motivating!

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