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Great Teacher Outfits

One of my favorite posts that I’ve ever shared is a collection of my favorite clothes to wear to teach in. I published this post in 2014, so I figured it was time for an update. Here are the items that I find myself wearing over and over.

This Swing Dress is the single most comfortable thing that I own.  It looks great with leggings, and mine is long enough to wear without leggings when the weather gets warmer. I ordered it from Amazon and there are a ton of colors and sleeve lengths available and it’s only $18.99! (Affiliate link)

This LC Lauren Conrad top from Kohl’s is both trendy and comfortable – which is not something that is easy to find.  I have this top in two different patterns and I often wear them both in the same week.

I have multiple denim shirt dresses, this one is from Old Navy.  My favorite thing about these is that they go with everything. I wear cardigans all year long because I am in and out of so many different environments throughout the day and I could wear this dress with a different sweater every time I wore it if I wanted to.

I have Sperry’s to go with every outfit. These are my favorite shoes to wear to work because they are super comfortable to stand and walk in. I also love that they can get wet, so I never have to worry about the rain. I always buy my Sperry’s on Amazon because the prices are so much better! (Affiliate link)

I have a couple of pairs of Gap Body leggings and they are always my first choice.  They are super-soft, they have a nice wide waistband, and they aren’t see-through.
These LC Lauren Conrad lace-trim tees are awesome because they really are just super soft tshirts, but the lace trim and the satin bow in the back elevate them to something perfectly appropriate for work. 

Zenana Outfitters snap cardigans are my all-time favorite.  They come in a ton of colors and they wash great. I have 10 different colors and I’m always looking to add more to my collection! (Affiliate link)

Whenever I need to dress up I reach for this pencil skirt from Old Navy. It looks like work-wear, but it’s nice and stretchy so it’s really comfortable.

Every wardrobe needs a fun piece, and right now this floral cardigan is mine. It’s lightweight and gets tons of compliments every time I wear it. I just ordered a second color and can’t wait to wear them all summer long. (Affiliate link)

I’ve got two pairs of these gorgeous LC Lauren Conrad scalloped sandals in my closet just waiting for it to finally be warm enough. I love the scallops and the leather, and I’m fully planning to live in these all summer.

I love sharing my favorite pics because some of my favorite items are ones that others have told me about.  Hopefully these have inspired you a little!

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