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Personalized Puzzles

One of my good friends started her own little tradition.  Every time she goes to a child’s first birthday party, she gets them one of these personalized name puzzles from Fat Brain Toys.  I absolutely love this idea! Each child receives a gift that is uniquely their own, and I can’t tell you how many children have learned to spell their names because they play with their puzzles so often.  The best part is that the buyer types in the child’s name, and then Fat Brain Toys creates it from that custom order – so there is no hunting down a name only to find that it doesn’t come in the specific spelling that you need!

My daughter was gifted her name puzzle for her birthday this past week and I have been amazed by how much she has played with it. At this point she is mostly still at the chewing-on-the-letters stage, and I have to say that the pieces have held up to that particular use really really well. 

I briefly browsed the rest of their best-sellers and I had to tear myself away from the site before I started adding things to my cart. It’s safe to say that when it’s time to think about Christmas shopping Fat Brain Toys will be my first stop!

This post was not sponsored in any way – I just really love this company and I think the puzzle gift is an awesome idea.

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