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Getting Organized

If you had to ask my friends and co-workers to use one word to describe me, most of them would use the word “organized.”  It’s true, I am a very organized person and because this is something that I excel at and enjoy, it’s found its way into my work.  Lately I’ve spent a ton of time helping other teachers implement systems that will keep them organized.  I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favorite products for staying organized so that you can benefit from some of my over-the-top organization. All links are affiliates.

Half-inch white labels – These might be one of my all time favorite things just because I use them multiple times a day.  I use these to keep my planner organized.  The best thing about these is that if I write an appointment on a label and it gets rescheduled I can just peel the label off and move it. You can read more about how I use these HERE.

Binders – I have a binder for everything, and while the plain white view binders work for most situations, sometimes I like something a little nicer.  Lately these and these have been my favorites.

File Bags – I put together a file bag this winter and it has been a life saver.  There are certain files that I tend to transport a lot because my meetings for that specific project are never in the same place.  With this bag I always know that I have what I need because it is all in there.  The hanging files make it easy to find what I’m looking for, and I don’t have to punch holes in everything before I can put it away like I do when I use a binder sustem.

Plastic Baskets – I have these woven plastic bins all over the place.  They come in 4 different sizes and they look like a nice basket but they’re plastic so they’re fairly durable and easy to clean.

Small containers with lids – These little plastic containers are meant to hold snacks or condiments, but they are perfect for all of the tiny little things that you keep in the classroom – mini erasers, sequins, dice, beads, counters, play money – the lids keep all of the little things in, while the clear plastic and easy stacking design makes finding what you’re looking for simple and quick.

Zip pouches – I have an obsession with zippered pouches, especially ones that match.  I hate clutter so all of my bags are organized with zipper pouches. It make things easier to find while hiding the mess and preventing things from getting lost at the bottom of my bag, never to be seen again.

Binder rings – I use these for so many different things.  The most common use is to hang documents that I need to have at my fingertips regularly, but I also use them to attach flash drives to three ring binders, and to sort and store items.

What are your favorite organizational items? I’d love to know what works for you!

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