St. Patrick's Teacher Fashion
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Teacher Style for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Teacher Fashion

These are my favorite posts – I LOVE curating these lists of everything that I love for celebrating holidays in the classroom and sharing them with you. St. Patrick’s Day has a special place in my heart because I do have some Irish roots. Here are my picks for the perfect holiday teacher fashion! (All are affiliate links).

Green oversize cardigan – I will never have enough cardigans. This one is oversized and full of character, it’s also just the right color that it can easily be worn any day of the year without screaming “I bought this for St. .Patrick’s Day.”

Wooden rainbow earrings – These are so chic, I love that they look like they were made for an adult but they’re still very fun. These would be perfect with the cardigan.

Lucky teacher tee – Is it a holiday if you don’t wear a teacher graphic t-shirt? This one is somehow both trendy and timeless if that’s possible.

St. Patrick’s Day joke book for kids – This book is full of kid-friendly jokes for the holiday that will have your class giggling all day long. You’re sure to be the “fun” teacher when you keep cracking these.

Gold Sparkle Keds – It’s no wonder that leprechauns love gold so much, because these are CUTE! If there’s really treasure at the end of the rainbow it might just look like these sneakers.

St. Patrick’s Day tattoos – Temporary tattoos are an easy way to make sure everyone is sporting something green, but it’s harder than you might expect to find tattoos for this holiday that are entirely kid-friendly and school-appropriate. these fit that bill and they’re adorable too.

Tie Dye Clover Socks – These are fun holiday socks, but they also look REALLY soft. I can see myself wearing these all the time, not just on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day pillow set – How fun are these?! A set of three bright, fun pillows that would be a perfect way to dress up the classroom for the holiday.

Green Simple Modern Tumbler – Here’s another green item that could definitely be used year-round. This is technically listed as a kids’ tumbler but I’d be the first one to use it myself.

Vinyl zip pouches – These are meant to be used with a Bogg Bag (you know I love my Bogg), but they’re super cute and would absolutely be functional on their own.

What’s on your St. Patrick’s Day wish list?

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