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Welcome to our classroom!

The first week of school is in full swing (read: absolute chaos!). The first couple of weeks are always the hardest, for the children it’s the tears that come with missing parents and learning to share, for the teachers it’s trying to learn every one’s schedule and making sure all the necessary paperwork is completed. Luckily we have been blessed with a wonderful group of kids, many of whom are familiar with us as teachers, and even the new ones seem to fit right in. Of course, they always seem sweet at first, and then they get comfortable – so ask me again in a couple of weeks!
Our lesson plans have been pretty tame so far, we are far more interested in making sure that the children are familiar with the classroom and the materials at the moment, but no worries, this crafty teacher has her eye on some adorable ideas. The first one that we will be attempting is a special gift for the Moms and Dads. Check out this adorable (and may I say, inexpensive!) bookmark (photo courtesy of Bella Carta). I might even make a couple for myself … although I only read on my kindle anymore, so maybe I’ll make some for my mom.

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