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A little art anyone?

I’m enjoying a snow day at the moment :). This doesn’t happen often so I really let myself get into it – slept in late and left my PJs on all day! Since I don’t have any Leprechaun trap updates for you, I thought I’d share an art project that we did last week.

My students absolutely loved this one. I got the easel out and watered down some Tempera Paint, then let them use eye dropper to drip-paint.  We did it as a group project, so they built on each other’s work – and yes, at the end it was all a lovely shade of brown, but as they worked it was really beautiful! You’ll notice that the last photo shows drips that aren’t exactly going down, this may have involved some “flinging” of the paint, which left quite the mess, but made for some really great art!

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