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To catch a leprechaun…

This morning our little leprechaun friend left us a note – our simple popsicle stick and pipe cleaner traps weren’t enough to catch that sneaky Leprechaun, but his note suggested that we make a plan, so that’s exactly what we did. We got down to business with some easel paper and brand new markers – because when you have serious business to attend to, you need new markers – and drew out some plans for our next attempt.

The children have the basics down, they are pretty sure that in order to catch a leprechaun they are going to have to lure it with a rainbow and a big pot of gold, but their actual traps are very creative. One involves a pan that will drop down and cover the leprechaun, another uses a decoy leprechaun who will throw the real one in jail, a third requires a giant orange hand to snatch the leprechaun, and one relies on a really big hole that hopefully the leprechaun will fall into while he is distracted by the gold.  This is pretty good stuff coming from a group of 5 year olds.

Here are photos of their drawn plans:

The real work starts tomorrow when we have to try and build all of these… wish me luck and lots of patience!

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