Father's Day gift idea from kids
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Framed Art Logos

Father's Day gift idea from kids

Father’s Day has a way of sneaking up on me, but this year I’m tackling it early! It can be really easy to come up with Mother’s Day gifts that kids can make, but gifts for dads are a little tougher. This Father’s Day gift idea can be personalized for any hobby or activity that the men in your children’s lives enjoy.

I grabbed a couple of Dollar Tree picture frames and printed some black and white logos and coloring pages. Then my daughter colored these in, we cut them out and glued them to a corresponding color of cardstock and popped them in the frame. They turned out so cute! I know that these will be proudly hung in their garages with the rest of their collections.

The possibilities are truly endless with this idea. If you want to do this in the classroom you may have to do some research, asking other adults in each child’s life what topics or images to use, but the effort to personalize them will be so appreciated. You could also print an outline of a general saying, like “I love you” and have the children color that in for a cute, and powerful gift!

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