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Ideas for displaying children’s work

It is pretty standard to display student work in the classroom, I could go on and on about the many different reasons that this is a great idea, but I think that we all get it, we want our students to be proud of the work that they do, and we want to show them that it has value.

My goal has always been to display as much of my students’ work as possible, without wallpapering my walls in it. I want my classroom to look neat, and uncluttered, and I want displays to make sense and be aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some examples of the ways that I have different work displayed in my classroom at this very moment:

The children’s self portraits are taped inside of white mat boards. I LOVE this and may leave it up until next fall because it is so cute.  The frames make it look like “real” artwork, and really draw your eye to the portraits that the children worked so hard on. 
Our bulletin board. I rotate this work out often, so it is easier for me to have it on the bulletin board because I’m not using so much tape.  I have been trying to keep this board for project work, especially raw documentation.  Right now it has stories that the children told me about their personal experiences with storms (and they illustrated them), along with the “notes” they they took while “researching” (looking through non-fiction books) about tornadoes. 
Documentation panels.  This is the most creative display that I have come up with. Our classrooms are divided with wooden movable dividers. I wanted these to be useful, and I thought the best use would be display documentation, so I cut lengths of ribbon and used tacks to attach the ribbon to the paneling. Then I tied clips to the bottoms of the ribbons and clipped on clear sheet protectors.  I inserted a sheet of card stock into each one to help it keep it’s shape, and every time I create a documentation panel, I stick it in one of the sheet protectors.  Right now these are displaying watercolor paintings of the weather. 
Of course I also have artwork taped to the walls and any other flat surface that I can find, but I try really hard to manage it all and rotate it out often to keep things clean and fresh, and to keep the parents checking what we have put up recently! 

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