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Celebrating amazing early childhood teachers

An organization that is near and dear to my heart is honored a group of incredible teachers this week. The Terri Lynn Lokoff Child Care Foundation selects a group of teachers each year to be named Child Care Teacher of the Year Award Recipients, these teachers represent the best in their field and honored with funds to complete a classroom project of their choosing.

I was selected as a recipient in 2013 and I could not say nicer things about this organization. They really understand the struggles and demands placed on child care teachers, and they go out of their way to show their appreciation for the work that is being fine in these classrooms to educate the next generation. The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation advocates for the highest quality of care and education for our youngest children in a way that supports and celebrated the teachers who are providing it.

To find out more about this organization, and to see how you can. Apply for a National Child Care Teacher of the Yer Award please visit www.tllccf.org. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

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