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Friday Freebie!

Happy happy happy Friday! This week seemed to drag on forever, maybe because it finally got really hot and I was desperately seeking time in the air conditioning! I made a cute little freebie for you today. This one is a blog exclusive, so send all of your friends here to get it.

I’m gearing up for back to school, and this year I have a lot of students who will be new to my teaching philosophy.  I’m at a Reggio inspired school and I absolutely love all of the hands-on learning, exploration, and creativity that this philosophy promotes, but sometimes it can take a little getting used to for parents because it doesn’t look like “traditional” preschool.  These bookmarks include Loris Malaguzzi’s Hundred Languages of Children.  I think that this is the perfect way to explain why we do what we do in my classroom, and I’ll be giving them to all of my parents at the beginning of the year.

To download the printable version click here!

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