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Time to say goodbye

In a couple of weeks my pre-k students will start kindergarten.  We had a graduation ceremony in May because some of my students stay for the summer, while others do not, but now that it’s time for all of them to go, I really want to do something to send them off.

I’m planning a pizza party, because really, what 5 year old wouldn’t want a pizza party.  Other than that, I didn’t really have a lot of ideas, so I turned to Pinterest, which of course, was full of inspiration.  Our kindergarten send-off isn’t for a couple more weeks, but here are a few of the things that I’m planning.

This idea is from Kindergarten Lifestyle, it’s actually for the parents.  It’s a package of kleenex and chocolate hugs to help parents get through sending their little one off to kindergarten.  I think it’s not only a cute idea, but also a great way to let parents know that I’m thinking of them too. I’ve built great relationships with many of my students’ parents, and I’ll miss them too!

Abrams Learning Trends suggests creating a mini time capsule.  The instructions for their time capsule make an eco-friendly version, that children will be able to revisit and look at often, as they grow.  I’m just going to have my students answer a few questions and put the paper in an envelope.  People move and things get lost, but an envelope can easily be slipped in a safe place and kept for many years.  When I was in sixth grade, my elementary school principal had all of the sixth graders write a letter to themselves and put it in an envelope. We were instructed to keep the letter and open it when we graduated from high school. As a consummate rule-follower I did exactly as instructed, and I am so glad that I had that little snap shot of a younger me.  I would love to be able to do something similar for my students.

This next idea is just too cute not to try.  East Coast Mommy made a “preschool finish line” for her son on his last day of preschool. I am in love with this idea – they’re done, really done with preschool, why not have a finish line?!

PopSugar columnist Sarah Lipoff has a great article about sending your child off to preschool, but this little tip would be perfect for kindergarten too.  Make small felt hearts and stick one in your child’s pocket, then they can squeeze it anytime throughout the day.  I might have the students make these for their parents, or I might make two little hearts to stick in each of the “hug packages” that I showed you above, that way the parents and the kids will each have one. 
This last idea is a great way to send them off with a hug – it’s a hug to go.  Little Pink Monster has a template for this bracelet that kids can wear to remind them that we’re thinking of them and wishing them lots of love as they start their big new adventure.  

I’m going to miss my kiddos, but I also know that they are so ready for kindergarten! I am looking forward to sending them off right and wishing them tons of luck.  

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