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Countdown to the NAEYC Conference

I am so excited about this year’s NAEYC Conference.  I attended my first NAEYC conference in 2010 and fell in love with the whole experience.  I love the sessions, I love the expo hall, I love meeting teachers from all over the country, and I love love love traveling with my favorite teachers! This year is especially important for me because I get to present.  I love public speaking (I know, I’m weird), and giving teachers new ideas that makes their jobs easier is just about my favorite thing, so I am super pumped (I mentioned that I’m excited right).

I got my badge in the mail this weekend and now it feels real, this is really happening!

My presentation is all about tech resources that teachers can find online and use for free.  Some of these are for communicating with parents and families, some are ideal for using in the classroom with the children, and others are perfect for collaborating with other teachers and getting ideas.  If you will be in Dallas for the conference I’d love to meet you – I’ll be presenting Saturday Morning! You can register and see the rest of the sessions at  Follow my blog to hear more about my prep for the conference, live blogs from the conference, and conference recaps.  I’ll also be posting my full presentation for free download in my TPT store (once I get it done!).

I hope to see many of you in 36 days!

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