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Happy Cyber Monday

It’s become a tradition around here for me to share my TPT wishlist before each sale, today’s the big sale day so here’s what’s on my list.  After you’ve seen what I’m buying make sure to head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and pick up some great stuff for your classroom (don’t forget to add code TPTCYBER)

I love everything that Cherry Workshop creates, which makes it incredibly difficult to pick just one item from this store, so I didn’t.  My favorite winter/Christmas products from Cherry Workshop are; 
  • Patterned Christmas Ornaments: These would be perfect for matching, classifying, patterning, and sorting activities.
  • Christmas Borders and Frames: I can’t tell you how many pieces of paper go home during the holidays – notes, letters, invitations, donation requests, holiday party information… I feel like I am constantly trying to make all of these pieces of paper look different and hopefully nice enough that parents will pay attention to all of them.  These frames would save me so much time!
  • Christmas Numbers Clip Art: I’m a sucker for clip art, but these would be really useful in the classroom.  I do everything that I can to make math and number work fun, and I don’t know how a preschooler could resist work with fun numbers like these. 
  • Penguin Clipart: These are just really really cute, and I love that they are really more winter-themed than Christmas themed which means I can use them in my classroom for months, instead of just a couple of weeks. 

I love Jamie from Play to Learn Preschool, and I think she is a genius for dreaming up these Dramatic Play Sets.  They include all kinds of dramatic play printables like role play name tags, tickets, receipts, menus, and environmental printables like tags, labels, and decorations.  Essentially, it’s everything that you need for a themed dramatic play center.  The bundle includes 6 different themed sets, and even for the regular price of $12 I still consider it a huge deal!

One of the stores that I’ve recently discovered is called Pink Oatmeal.  All of the products are created by a school-based physical therapist, she really gets how important it is for kids to move throughout the day and she has found tons of ways to make it fun.  This Christmas Brain Breaks set includes cards that tell you how to do yoga poses that are all Christmas themed like elf pose and reindeer pose.  My kiddos will love it!

This Christmas Play Dough Mat set is one of the best I’ve seen, simply because little ones won’t be able to resist the graphics and opportunities for creative exploration.  Children can use play dough to create an outfit for Santa, feed the reindeer, and decorate a Christmas tree, great ideas from Teaching Preschoolers!

As is tradition, I’m also sharing the one item from my store that I would absolutely buy.  This time of year, my holiday decoration sets are invaluable because they save so much time! Each set includes a banner, cupcake picks (or stickers), a door decoration, treat bag toppers, name cards, and a class activity.  These make class parties so easy, I have one available for Christmas and for Winter so you can choose whichever one works best for your school’s holiday party regulations. 
Thanks for stopping by to check out my wishlist, now go shopping and stop back to tell me what you bought!

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