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Social Studies Activities for Preschool

It’s Wednesday, and here at Preschool Ponderings, that means time to focus on the standards.  Every Wednesday I choose an Early Learning Standard and share a number of activities that can be aligned with that particular standard.  Remember, the Standards that I use every day, and am most comfortable with are Ohio’s Early Learning Development Standards – you can review them here, however I’ve found that even if your State’s standards differ, many of these activities can still be aligned similarly. I’ve rounded up some great ideas today!

Domain: Social Studies
Strand: Economics
Topic: Production and Consumption

This standard is all about understanding where our resources come from, and how they get to us.  It also recognizes that we can use our resources wisely to make sure that they last longer.  In many ways, the activities that meet this standard will also meet a number of science standards, but in the case of the social studies standard we are focused on where the resources come from – not how they are grown or sourced.  

Collect stickers off of your family’s produce to see where fruits and vegetables come from. 
This video from Sesame Street has Big Bird learning where food comes from.  
Make your own butter from cream, you can get the instructions from Do It and How.
Watch for trucks that drive by your school or playground. What do you think is in them? 
Where do you think they’re going?
Set up a grocery store in your dramatic play center. Jamie at Play to Learn Preschool has some great ideas!
Make recycled art to show students how common items can be re-purposed. These cute ideas are from Tinkerlab.
Production and conservation of resources is a process, there are a lot of steps to understand, which makes this a standard that can be revisited at different times throughout the year.  

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